Red Digital Voltmeter


Product Includes:

  • 1  x Digital Voltage Gauge


  • Red Digital Display
  • Range: 6-33VDC
  • Do-It-Yourself Install
  • Diameter 35mm x Depth 27mm
  • Installation Hole: 1 1/8″ or 28mm
  • Waterproof , vibration resistant
  • Weight: 13 grams


6 to 32 VDC Digital Voltage Gauge

Used to monitor battery condition on a wide range of equipment: Boats, cars, trucks, motorcycles, ATV & UTVs, tractors and any other DC power equipment. Low profile will fit in tight locations. Built in reverse connection protection to avoid damage during installation. Easy installation: Just drill a 1 1/8″ or 28mm hole in your panel. Next insert the digital voltage gauge thru the dash and tighten the plastic retaining nut on the back. Connect to power and you are ready to monitor your battery. Add a low cost battery digital voltage gauge to your vehicle, boat or other equipment so you’ll know before a problems strikes and you’re left without power!