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10 Second Delay On Funtion 12VDC, 30A
10 Second Time Delay Relay (TDR)

This special relay, when used with out universal relay kits can prevent issues during startup of your automobile or motorcycle. Use this TDR if you are experiencing problems with your HID kit during ignition on your vehicle. Problems such as the lights not turning on or only one light turing on because of automatic headlights or daytime running lights. This special time delay relay combined with our universal relay kit can prevent most of these common issues found with xenon conversion kits. Also the ignition cycle of a motorcycle with automatic headlights can cause premature bulb and/or ballast failure and cause continuous problems with your HID lights. Add this relay to you kit to prevent most start-up issues and prolong the life of your xenon lighting system.

This relay can be used in any 12VDC application requiring a delay function such as Transmission Control, etc.

***Not for use in high vibration applications***

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