GT50 Mini Projector



  • (1) GT50 Micro Projector
  • (1) Bulb Wire Lead
  • (1) Wiring Kit


  • Micro Sized Projector
  • For use as Auxiliary, Fog Light or Headlight
  • Powerful 48mm Projector Inside
  • Available in Low, High or Dual (Low & High Combo)
  • Rugged Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Solid Glass Lens
  • Universal Light for Many Applications


Projector Auxiliary Light | Projector Fog Light | Projector Spot Light

GT50 Mini Projector Auxiliary light with high output lighting optics in a very compact design. These add-on high performance projector auxiliary lights are universal and can be used in many different applications. They can be used on any car, truck, motorcycle, scooters, ATV, UTV, semi truck, tractor, boat and much more!

The GT50 Mini Projector auxiliary light has a beautiful design available in several colors to match your style. This micro projector auxiliary light is also available with a Low & High beam unit built in one! The ‘Dual’ version has a small solenoid inside mounted directly on the projector to move the driving / low beam shield down. This allows the system to project more light down the road which creates a bright passing / high beam. The perfect independent Low & High beam all in one lamp unit. It can be wired to be operated on its own, in pairs and/or in conjunction with the existing headlights. They can be used as auxiliary, fogs, spot or even main headlights. Beyond the attractive design, the GT50 Micro Projector auxiliary light is built tough and designed to be used in rough service applications. The thick glass projector lens can handle road debris such as small rocks with ease. Durable aluminum housing will not crack or break under stress from temperature extremes or impact from hard objects. A small breather hole on the bottom allows condensation to escape when being used in humid applications. Inside you’ll find our powerful GT-Series 48mm projector with high output optics in a super small design. Light output will easily exceed any stock halogen headlight or fog light. The GT50 Mini Projector auxiliary light is only available here at Future Vision.

Beam pattern meets ECE code for the Low Beam & High Beam only versions (Using halogen bulb).

Available in several configurations to customize to suit your application:

  • Housing: Gun-metal grey or black
  • Bezel: Polished aluminum or black
  • Beam: Low/Driving, High/Passing or Low/High* in one
  • Standard halogen or optional LED or HID bulb
  • Optional custom relay Kit
  • 4 Different Switches available
  • 4 Different Mounting Brackets available


  • HID Projector Auxiliary Light

    GT50 Micro Projector Auxiliary Light

    At only 3.5 inches tall, these driving lights are ideally suited as fog lights, on any motorcycle, passenger vehicle, ATVs, UTVs, and much more!

  • HID Projector Auxiliary Light Clamp Mount

    Universal Mounting Options

    Versatile design has four different mounts available, ideal for many applications. Attractive & tough powder coated aluminum housing.

  • HID Auxiliary Light with 48mm Projector

    Projector Powered

    GT-Series 48mm projector inside for a powerful, uniform beam pattern available in 3 different styles; low beam, high beam or dual (L&H).


Additional information

Weight 1.5 kg

FV-1000-HID, FV-1000, FV1000