H1 LED Bulbs – X7


Kit Includes:

  • 2 x X7 H1 LED Bulbs & Drivers
  • 6500K Standard LED
  • DIY 3000K & 8000K Lens Kit
  • Installation Diagram
  • 2 Year Warranty


  • 6,000+ Lumen / Set
  • 6500K Philips Gen2 ZES LumiLEDs
  • Up to 3.5x Brighter than halogen
  • Use only 30W per bulb
  • Last lasting performance
  • Waterproof , vibration resistant
  • Air Cooled, no fan required


H1 LED Headlight Bulbs | H1 LED Conversion Kit | X7 Series 6000 Lumen

Upgrade your vehicles headlights or fog lights with the latest Air-Cooled X7 series LED headlight bulbs. New slimmer design will fit inside most vehicle headlights. Get up to 3.5x times the amount of light on the road compared to most standard halogen bulbs. Increase your confidence while driving in the darkest conditions. The X7 Series LED headlight bulbs are powered by the latest Philips Luxeon Gen2 ZES LumiLED’s. These automotive LED headlight bulbs have a total luminous flux of 3000+ Lumen per bulb. Brilliant 6500K cool white light from the Philips LED chips create an enhanced level of visibility and improved illumination where you need it most. 3000K & 8000K Do-It-Yourself lens kits are included with each kit. The 3000K are helpful in fog, rain and snow conditions while the 8000K is for those who would prefer a more blue look to their lights. Installation only takes minutes in most cars, trucks or motorcycles. The simple plug-n-play LED bulb eliminates the need for any wiring harness, relay kit or ballasts. Just plug in and go! Instantly you’ll have up to 350% more light to deliver a much brighter and safer driving experience. The X7 LED headlight bulbs have an adjustable base that allows you to ‘tweak’ the bulb position to get an accurate, focused beam pattern. This reduces unwanted glare or dazzle towards other drivers and optimizes the output for the driver. The powerful X7 LED headlight bulbs are super efficient using only half the power of most halogen bulbs. Cool running air cooled system offer a great value for the performance, and a long rated rated lifespan. The X7 LED bulbs will even match or out-perform most HID / Xenon bulbs. They can be used for retrofitting or converting nearly any headlight or fog light that uses a H1 based halogen bulb.

Installation Tips:

  • Remove old halogen bulb
  • Plug Connector from Driver to Vehicle Harness
  • Loosen set screw with included Allen-key wrench to allow bulb adjustment
  • Install LED bulb into headlight
  • Turn bulb until the light output is focused accurately
  • Tighten set screw to insure bulb wont move during use
  • Base is reversible if bulb doesn’t fit inside headlight housing


  • H1 LED Headlight Bulbs / H1 LED Conversion Bulbs
  • H1 Low Beam / H1 High Beam
  • H1 Fog Light

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